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Green Circle Salon

Green Circle Salon

The green circle salon program gives a green method for recycling and reusing salon waste.

ADIA Salon is proud to be a partner with the green circle salon program because of its green vision. The green circle salon is using many small steps to make the salon industry more sustainable by 2020 while bringing more awareness to the impact. It has been operating in Canada since 2009, and on Vancouver Island since 2012.  The green circle salon program currently reduces and reuses salon waste, and insures excess chemicals are processed correctly.

At ADIA Salon, we collect foils, color tubes, hair, and plastics. The green circle salon program gathers the items we collect every two weeks. They clean excess chemicals from foils, colour tubes and plastics, and they recycle the remaining product.  The hair is made into fiber mats that can be used to clean up oil spills in our waterways. Essentially, they process all of the salon waste products in a green friendly manner.

At ADIA Salon we take steps to be green above and beyond our green circle salon commitment. All lights at ADIA Salon use LED bulbs, which use much less energy than standard lights.

Our clients and stylists love nature, and many even relocate to Nanaimo for this reason. In Nanaimo we have beautiful trees, bodies of water, and mountains.  Nature surrounds us, but we do not always to appreciate it.  Westwood Lake, Linley Valley, and all of the other natural habitats that we take advantage of every day motivate us to reduce our impact on the environment.

The salon industry as a whole has a big impact on the planet, but we are learning how the actions we take impact our environment. We believe many small positive changes will have a much bigger benefit, and we would love for you to join us in the pursuit of a greener future!

Please tell your stylist if the green circle salon program was a factor for choosing ADIA Salon.

As part of the green circle salon program, ADIA Salon takes small steps that accumulate to have less impact on the environment.

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