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Balayage hair colour- hairstylist hair model

A balayage hair colour by Nadia 2017

Balayage Hair Colour Photoshoot with Chloé

We did a balayage hair colour service and photoshoot on January 8, 2017. Our model is Chloé, she is the newest team member at ADIA Salon, and is doing great cuts. You can go to this link in order to learn more about Chloé. In addition, you can find more photos of our work in our hair gallery.

What is a balayage hair colour?

Clients often ask about how ombre hair colour is different than balayage hair colour. Ombre and balayage hair colour both leave the roots as their natural colour and provide subtle transitions of colour. A balayage colour fades up in pieces to give the hair depth and dimension, whereas an ombre hair colour fades the hair all over. Both ombre and balayage hair colour are easy to maintain because roots are not visible as they grow out. With these hair services you may choose to freshen up your colour, but won't have to on a schedule.

More about ADIA Salon

ADIA Salon is centrally located in Nanaimo in the Longwood Station, for this reason we are great spot for clients from all over Nanaimo. We do all kinds of hair services such as cutting, colouring, treatments, and hair extensions in addition to eyebrow shaping.

ADIA Salon is a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon; as a result, we use Paul Mitchell hair colour. For this service we also used Olaplex hair treatment for its ability to repair and restore damaged hair.

We provide free consultations so that you can meet our team with no commitment. You may decide you would like to book a hair service with us, but there is no obligation!

See below in order to see more results from our photoshoot!
running fingers through hair
2017 balayage hair colour
ombre photoshoot before and after banner

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