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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Overview

Hair extensions can provide a dramatic change to your look, and also how you feel about yourself. Most people are aware of how they are used to add significant length and volume, but not aware of how they can be used to compliment thinning hair. We use extensions to do dramatic changes, but we also often use them to add a bit of thickness.

We would love to help you learn more about hair extensions; as a result, we are providing as much information as possible. We have a gallery, questions and answers page, details about the types, and details about pricing in order to answer many of your questions. We offer a free consultation with licensed hairstylists from ADIA Salon in order to provide more information.

Why Choose ADIA Salon for Hair Extensions?

ADIA Salon has been operating in Nanaimo for more than five years, and we have been doing extensions all of this time. We have ordered extensions from more than 20 suppliers in order to find the very best products! We love the hair we keep in stock because is it excellent quality for a very reasonable price!

You can book a free 15 minute consultation at ADIA Salon in order to learn more about our products. During a consultation, a hairstylist from ADIA Salon will have time to identify and address any questions you may have, and provide a detailed quote. There is no obligation to book a service as a result of asking us some questions!

All of the employees at ADIA Salon who do extensions are hairstylists. They do cut blending, colour matching, and they can also recommend hair extensions to fit your needs. Our hairstylist will provide a beautiful hairstyle blowout so that you look your best when you walk out our door.

We are very proud of the great reputation that we have built over years of providing excellent service for great value! This reputation extends to our hair extension services!

Our Hair Extensions Gallery

We do before and after photos because we are very proud of our work. You can look at our hair extension gallery in order to see some of our work.

More Information

Getting extensions is a big service, and there are lots of things to consider. We try to address common questions in our questions and answers page. but it is still a work in progress.

Our Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions in Stock at ADIA Salon

At ADIA Salon we have a great selection of extensions in stock. All of the hair that we stock are 20″ long with a slight curl; however, we can custom order many variations from one of our trusted and established suppliers.


Hair Extensions in Stock at ADIA Salon

We are proud to offer excellent quality products which are often at prices below many of our competitors. We are often able to beat other’s prices by huge margins because we have tried many suppliers to find a perfect mix of excellent quality hair at a very reasonable price. You can find more information about how we price hair and extensions services here!


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