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February Barber Haircut Photoshoot

barbershop haircuts- mens haircut Nanaimo

We did a barber haircut photoshoot on February 22, 2016, at ADIA Salon in Nanaimo. This photoshoot showcases a fashionable barber haircut and style that would be typical of a men's hair service at ADIA Salon. If you are looking for a trendy men's barbershop haircut, please consider ADIA Salon. If you are curious about what we have to offer, but are not ready to commit, we provide free consultations and recommendations without any obligation to book a hair service. We would love to see you, and be part of your style!

Our model for this photoshoot is Matthew Boudot. Matthew is the owner and operator of Another Perspective Photography in Nanaimo BC. We absolutely recommend him for Family and Portraits photography and lifestyle photography in Nanaimo BC. It was great to work with Matthew on this photoshoot. Not only are we really happy with the results of the barber haircut style, but we were also able to learn many photography tips and tricks from Matthew. As an experienced photographer, he was able to provide us with professional feedback throughout the process.

In summary, you can get great barber haircut's from ADIA Salon, and you can get a great photographer from Another Perspective Photography in Nanaimo.

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