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Men’s Hair Photoshoot

Men's hair in Nanaimo

On February 1, 2015, we did a men's hair photoshoot at ADIA Salon. Our model for this portrait photoshoot is Denis Durand from Nanaimo BC.

The hairstyle for this men's hair photoshoot is a tight fade that compliments Denis' facial features. During the photoshoot the hair was changed to capture both a smooth polished look, and a messy look. Both the messy and polished look bring out subtle changes in the final characteristic and feel of the photos.

Thanks so much to Denis for spending the time with us and participating in this fun photoshoot!

Would like to be featured in a photoshoot at ADIA Salon? Nadia Barkema from ADIA Salon organizes hair cutting classes for the team, and periodically needs models for photoshoots to demonstrate work done at ADIA Salon. Let her know you may be interested!

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