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Nanaimo Salon – Glamour hairstyle

Nanaimo Salon - glamour hair model

On November 30, 2015, we did the first in a series of glamour hairstyle photoshoots at ADIA Salon in Nanaimo. Our intent in doing the photoshoots is to capture a series of photos that demonstrate our work, and that can be used on our website and social media. Doing hair photoshoots also challenges us to grow as hairstylists as we try new styles and techniques.

The hair and makeup were done by Nadia Barkema, a Master Hairstylist and the owner of ADIA Salon.

We are elated with the photos from the first photoshoot. The hair is all up and to the side. The long flowing curls, combined with the all-natural highlights provide visible depth on our beautiful model!

The glamour hairstyle featured would be great for a bride or bridesmaid, and would also be great for special occasions like a graduation.

Would you like to be featured in a glamour hairstyle photoshoot, or are you looking for a hairstylist in Nanaimo? You can book a free hair consultation at ADIA Salon. During a hair consultation we will do our best to inform you of the options available to you and provide our professional recommendations as hairstylists.

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