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Vibrant Hair Colour from ADIA Salon

nanaimo bc hair colour gallery

Vibrant hair colour aplenty!  In this gallery, we are showcasing vibrant hair colours done by stylists at ADIA Salon in Nanaimo!

At ADIA Salon, we do vibrant hair colour with professional Paul Mitchell hair products and with Pravana Vivids.  Professional products do less damage to  hair, and provide a stunning vibrant colour that lasts longer without fading.  Hairstylist from ADIA Salon will also provide advice and guidance regarding professional products to maintain your beautiful hair.

Are you bored of your blonde, brown or black hair?  Vibrant hair colours can give you a whole new confident and alternative look, and are sure to attract some attention!  Many sources online provide a thorough assessment of what colours communicate regarding one's personality.  What does your hair colour say?  To name a few, red can communicate confidence, blue inner peace, and purple compassion.

A vibrant hair colour may not be the right fit for your personality or your professional work environment.  A subtle shifts in one's hair colour may still be desirable to compliment the underlying skin tones.  In the same way that a bold new hair colour will draw attention to your hair, highlights or lowlights may draw more attention to your natural hair colour.  If an all over bright new colour doesn't suite your needs, then several bright bold clip-in hair extensions may be great for your weekend look!  At ADIA Salon, we can colour and cut match your clip-in hair extension to fit your desired look.  For clip-in hair extensions, we will teach you how to put them in, how to style them, and how to maintain them for your needs!

Whether you are looking for a bold vibrant hair colour or a simple subtle shift, we would love to have a conversation during a free hair consultation with a hairstylist at ADIA Salon!

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