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Nerium Optimera

 Nerium Optimera age defying night cream, a break through anti-aging skin care product, is now available at ADIA Salon in Nanaimo.

To use Nerium Optimera age defying night cream, once per night before bed, simply wash your face and massage the cream into areas of concern.  It's so simple, I've even been able to get my husband to use it!

It's patented and exclusive formula is designed to addresses multiple signs of aging within a single cream.  It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of discoloration, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, increase firmness, increase radiance, and soften the complexion into a more consistent dissolved tone.

We've decided to get behind this product because of the real results that we've achieved.  Nadia Barkema, the owner at ADIA Salon, has been looking for a skin care product that would not agitate her skin despite sensitivities.  Optimera has proven to be this product!  It does not contain parabens, gluten, synthetic color, DEA, or propylene glycol.  We love the product, and the positive culture, values, opportunity, and exceptional product training provided by Nerium.

Finally, no amount of words can justify the actual results achieved like the before and after photos can.  Search for "Nerium Optimera real results" and see for yourself.  For additional product information, look at our Nerium Optimera product page.

If you are curious about Optimera age defying night cream or the business opportunity with Nerium, we would love to share additional information with you.  Book a free Optimera consultation by contacting ADIA Salon by phone or email.

Thank you for your business at ADIA Salon!

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