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Olaplex now at ADIA Salon

Olaplex service done by ADIA Salon - Lantzville BC


Olaplex is now available at ADIA Hair Salon, giving stylists the ability to lighten your hair to new levels.

Client testimonials and feedback has been outstanding.  The before and after pictures in the gallery below show real results achieved in ADIA Salon.  Although the before and after photographs show how great treated hair looks, the best part about Olaplex is running your hands through your treated hair, which feels smooth and healthy.

Stylists often get their hair coloured to try new products and to express their own style.  Olaplex opens the door for trying more chemical processes, without the concern for frizzy, damaged hair.  We love Olaplex!
Olaplex develops multiple bonds to make hair healthier and stronger, allowing the hair to be coloured free from the worry of burnt hair.
Olaplex has been tested on virtually every hair type including Asian, Caucasian, African American, previously chemically processed and virgin.

If you would like to lighten your hair to new levels, but are concerned about damage, then Olaplex is right for you.  Stylists at ADIA Hair Salon would love to discuss the potential benefits of Olaplex during a free consultation.

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  • Olaplex before and after

    Olaplex treatment done at ADIA Salon before and after photos

  • Hair treatment at ADIA Salon

    Olaplex before and after photos

  • Curly hair that has been straightened

    Beautiful shiny hair achieved with PM Shines, Olaplex, and Paul Mitchell Professional tools!

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