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ADIA Salon Artistic Director Hairstylist Natalie

“I love doing beautiful hair transformations!”

Natalie is the Artistic Director at ADIA Salon. She is highly proficient in her technical skills of colour formulation and application. Her top talents are working with colour and highlights, and problem solving. She also has great cutting skills proving that she can do it all, and she can do it well. Her authentic personality shines through in her willingness to help others in any way she can, and she enjoys being creative, and is committed to customer satisfaction! Natalie has 13 years of experience in the hair industry and is committed to excellence in her trade. As the Artistic Director, Natalie provides education and training to the rest of the team at ADIA Salon.

Natalie’s (ADIA Salon’s Artistic Director) featured work!”

Hair colour by Natalie:

Vibrant colours by Natalie:

Colour corrections by Natalie:

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