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Amphibians Salute You!

ADIA Salon is a green circle salon, which is a program to promote environmentally conscious business ethics and decisions within the salon industry.

As a green circle salon, hair that we cut is collected.  It is then processed for the purpose of absorbing oil from our waterways if there is a spill.  Those who have experienced tangled or knotted hair, or hairballs clogging their drains are perhaps the best suited to imagine a giant floating knotted hairball sponge patrolling our waterways from the tyranny of oil spills.

In April 2015, globules of oil began washing up along Vancouver's water line following the oil leak in Englishman Bay.  Green circle salon hair booms are being utilized for the clean up.  Although there is not a systematic deployment system to put the booms in the hands of emergency responders, they are being made available to anyone who is willing to help.

Oil has a stronger adhesive force with hair than water does.  Consequently, hair absorbs oil when in the presence of both water and oil separating the oil from water.

On behalf of amphibian and their many fish friends,  we thank the clients of ADIA Salon, and clients of green circle salons everywhere.  The devastation that oil spills have on our environment is being lessened through our participation in the green circle salon program.

Not only are we diverting hair from landfills, but we also are recycling it for an incredible cause!


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