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Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Hair colour services represent a substantial portion of our business at ADIA Salon. Colour services can range from subtly covering some gray to vibrant violet locks of hair. On this page, we are providing more information regarding the professional products that we use, common services, and terminology. If you have any unanswered questions regarding a hair colour service, please contact us or book a free consultation.

Professional Products

Paul Mitchell Professional Products

ADIA Salon is a Goldwell and KMS Salon. We use their professional products for the vast majority of our hair colouring services. We also receive training quarterly from KAO Canada to ensure we are current with their latest products and methods. As a team of hairstylists, we try to use the best possible products for our clients. Some things that we consider when assessing hair colour include the colour’s vibrancy and longevity, how the colour is applied and spreads onto the hair, the chemical makeup of the colour, and the business practices and environmental awareness of the manufacturer. Goldwell and KMS Professional Products provide great value when assessed on these criteria.

Pravana Vivids

Are you looking for bright vibrant colour? We use Pravana Vivids for deep rich colours. Vibrant hair colours can give you a whole new confident and alternative look, and are sure to attract some attention! For these colour services, our vibrant hair colour photo gallery says everything we could with written words and more. You can find our gallery here: http://adiasalon.ca/hair-gallery/vibrant-hair-colours.html

Colorinsider (Ammonia Free Hair Colour)

Colorinsider is our ammonia free permanent hair colour. Most professional hair colours contain ammonia, which raises the pH level in the hair and opens the cuticle. Once the hair cuticle is open, colour pigments can be deposited within the hair. If you are concerned about ammonia’s affect of your hair, please ask your hairstylist about ammonia free hair colour.

Application Methods


Foils can be used during a colour service to specifically limit where the colour is applied and takes effect. This can create a multidimensional effect within the hair, and blend grey hair. Foils can also be used to reduce the amount of hair colour that is applied directly to the scalp for those with sensitive skin. Foils are often used to make sections of hair lighter (highlights), darker (lowlights), or both. There are endless possibilities with hair foils; consequently, the price will vary based on the number of foils, thickness of hair, product usage, and whether more than one colour used.

Partial Foils

A partial foil service targets and affects the outer most visible hair.

Full Foils

A full foil service targets and affects all of the hair

Solid Colour

Solid colour involves changing all of your hair to a single new colour.

Colour Corrections

Perhaps you had a bad experience with an off the shelf hair product, or at a salon. Mistakes happen, and hair colour can go wrong in a variety of ways. Confidence can be very low when a colour procedure goes awry, and when your once gorgeous hair is now just a beautiful mess. Hair colour issues may include extreme colours, strong contrasting lines of colour, or damaged over processed hair.

Colour corrections issues can be difficult- we recommend an experienced and reputable Hairstylist. Although our more experienced hairstylists are often booked weeks in advance, please let us know if you require an emergency fix and we will do our very best to accommodate you. We love hair, and don’t want you to hate yours.


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