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Hair Extensions


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  • Microbead Hair Extensions
  • Weave Hair Extensions
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

  • Microbead hair extension application

    • Per pack (50 strands)
    • Include cut-blending


  • Microbead hair extension removal

    • Per pack (50 strands)
    • -


ADIA Salon can help compliment your new look with hair extensions to drastically and quickly refresh your appearance. Microbead extensions generally last 3 months before they grow out with your own hair. The hair itself lasts 6-8 months so it can be used for two or more applications. There are many uses for microbead extensions alongside lengthening. Some of our clients utilize them for thickness, while others to fix awkward growing stages of short hair, and to fill in thinner sides or where hair growth is slowing. We would be more than happy to set up a free consultation to discuss the options to improve your look.

  • Weave hair extension application

    • Full head
    • Includes cut blending
    • Customization available
    • Free consultation recommended


  • Tape-in hair extension application

    • Per 35 grams


  • Tape-in hair extension removal

    • Per 35 grams


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